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Key features about our solution


You can change your content whenever you want.


Analyze data for a specific kiosk or aggregated data for all of them.

Cloud based

You can always add more terminals to your farm. Your statistics are always accessible.


If you can open a webpage you can handle Pointmade.


This is what a setup can look like.

iPad twebcast

We know the tech behind communication

Pointmade is powered byTwebcast. During the years the platform has been used by a large number of customers for their projects within communication and interaction. The platform is very stable and customizable and used by many blue chip companies.

  How it works

90 000+
Collected answers
Projects created

How does it work?

Start collecting data from your customers today. Get information about improvements for your business based on what your target group thinks. Set it up and start now to get advantage over your competitors.

Pointmade is a cloud based platform. You don’t need any specific hardware or software.

You choose the devices that you want. Buy your own kiosk stand and get the look that fits your place the best. You might even have one already? Since you don’t need to rent your device from us we can keep offering you the best prices on the market. It doesn’t matter if you have an IOS or an Android based device. Pointmade supports all browsers.Here is a guide for kiosk mode settings on IOS.

The handling is supereasy. Just go to your unique URL (provided by Pointmade) and you are done! You can now visit your statistics page and follow how things are going in realtime.


Choose a package plan that fits your needs.

  • Basic
  • 1 Device
  • Customizable questions
  • € 50

    per month
  • Pro
  • 2-10 Devices
  • Customizable questions
  • Segmentable data
  • € 40

    Device / month
  • Premium
  • Over 10 Devices
  • Customizable questions
  • Segmenteble data
  • € 25

    Device / month

    Over 30 terminals
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Pointmade c/o Twebcast, Stockholm, SWEDEN

Email: hello@pointmade.se